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Wedding Florals – How to Plan Ahead in 2021

It’s Wedding season! This time of year would normally be booming with events, wedding parties and beautiful receptions. We know that the world is different than it was 2 years ago, but weddings need to continue. (in the safest way possible)

With this being said, wedding and event florists are doing their best to plan for the upcoming weddings they’re arranging for. This means ordering weeks/months ahead with Floral suppliers for future events.

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What’s different about this year?

In 2021, product is very difficult to acquire from farms, no matter if they’re in South America or a local farm. The demand for flowers and potted plants is at a soaring high, which is great, but supply is having a difficult time keeping up. This can cause price increases for wholesalers and their customers in return. Check out our full article on the current situation of the floral industry if you would like to learn more.

For wedding planners, this year will be slightly different than previous years. If you are planning for a wedding, please order months in advance and expect a 5-10% fluctuation of price from the date you ordered your product to the day it ships. This is due to the fact that supply and demand changes during the months in between the order placement and the actual event. Our partnering growers are working hard to keep their greenhouses up to speed with orders, but many factors can change production.

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We know that these prices can affect your customers as a wedding florist, so please inform them that these changes can occur. The best we can all do at these times is communicate and forewarn our floral friends so everyone can do their best to prepare for the future.

Happy Wedding season and we wish you the best in your upcoming events!

Are you a wedding florist and want to make and order or become a customer?

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