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Import Flower Availability and Transport Update – How it can affect your Flower Shop

In 2021, the floral industry has seen a lot of obstacles, but demand in the industry is booming. While we all made it through the challenges for major holidays such as Valentines Day, Easter and Mother’s Day, there are still some challenges the industry must overcome.

Let’s talk about these external forces that may cause some changes and delays.

What issues are facing the industry?

As our customers know, we receive a large portion of our product from farms in Ecuador and Columbia, which is transported to us through companies in Miami.

We are receiving many updates from our friends and partners in Miami and South America regarding a plethora of issues. These are some of the forces driving the changes:

  • A complicated demand for airspace is causing growers and logistics companies to charter flights on a regular basis.
  • Large protests in Colombia are restricting logistics, disabling distribution networks from Medellin and Bogota – the biggest cities for exports out of Colombia.
  • Miami warehouses are facing a shortage of employees and drivers. This can backlog and delay orders significantly.
  • Airlines continue to increase freight rates which is also affecting pricing.

On top of these changes, demand in the floral industry is greatly exceeding what growers and logistics companies can keep up with. As as a result of this, prices for some products may likely increase and some delays can be expected in the near future.

This change will not solely be to Floral Express, but all companies involved with importing product from South America. Please note: We still have plenty of beautiful local and imported flowers in our cooler, ready to be shipped to your flower shop.

How can we work around this?

Currently, these issues are beyond our control as they are industry wide. Until supply balances out with demand, we suggest you communicate with your customers about these changes.

Please understand that all growers, transporters, and wholesalers are doing their very best to ensure your product is delivered to you in good condition and on time. We will continue to keep you updated on any industry news that arises.

Thank you for your understanding and kindness.


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