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I Pre-Booked my Flowers. Does this Guarantee my Order?

How Shortages are Affecting Pre-Books

Whether you’re a grower, wholesaler or retailer, it is safe to say we have all personally experienced the effects of the shortages of flowers affecting our industry. Supply is down due to COVID-19, poor weather and transportation bottlenecks, while demand is at a soaring high. This perfect storm is an unprecedented situation that is going to take time to recover from as an industry.

This year, floral wholesalers have received more pre-books than ever before. The North American floral industry is finally seeing the demand that the European industry has seen for years, but our supply just can’t keep up.

How will shortages affect my pre-books?

Normally, a pre-book would mean that your full order is secure and all product will be shipped. Unfortunately, with current grower challenges and supply chain, shortages are likely to happen. While pre-booking does give you a higher chance of receiving product, we can’t guarantee full orders will be met.

You will likely receive some of each product group you ordered, but anticipate shortages. Our buyers and sales team are doing their very best to make sure all customers are treated fairly, and no one is left without product.

When will I be notified of any shortages in my orders?

This situation is making wholesalers uneasy, as we are not informed of order shortages from South American farms until an invoice is received when the product is being shipped to the airport. Our partners in South America are working extremely hard in order to produce the product needed, and for that we are very grateful.

For imported product, we will notify our customers of shortages as soon as we find out. This can be approximately 6-7 days before the date of shipment.

For local Canadian-grown product (snapdragons, gerberas, tulips, lisianthus, ranunculus, lilies etc), we are notified much closer to shipping dates, as the product comes directly from the farm to our cooler. This could be as late as 1 day before the shipment, but in some cases it can be earlier. Every floral wholesaler will do their utmost to keep you informed. If your floral wholesaler has a website that allows you to view the status of your order, review it daily, as this may be the best way of knowing what products will be arriving.

Should I look for other options for buying flowers?

While many retail florists are scrambling to find different suppliers, the majority are finding no luck in getting more product. This is an industry-wide problem affecting all wholesalers. The best thing for a floral business to do is to inform their floral friends, colleagues and customers of any shortages, and communicate when it will affect their order.

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Floral Express is a family run business, and while our focus is on flowers, we believe our success comes from hard work, honesty and integrity, trustworthiness and our traditional and caring family values. We also value our Customers need for fresh products. We have designed our sales and supply chain schedule to enable our customers to receive the freshest products possible!


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